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Kim Krompass

I am Kim Krompass, Founder of the Price Action Traders Institute (PATI) located in beautiful San Francisco. I am in my 15th year trading and I have seen and experienced a lot…a lot of good stuff and a lot of outright lies. It is the lies that I have experienced in this business along with the promotional “get rich quick” hype that’s being promoted today by unscrupulous marketers that has me fired up to be and do something different in this space. I will not promote myself or my service through any slick marketer just out to take your money. I am sincere. How I do what I do when I sit down to trade, is refreshingly simple. I have no “secrets” to sell you. I have no “curtain” to pull back to reveal some trick no one has ever seen before now. I use price action. That’s it… I don’t tell you what to do…I show you what and how to do it, day in and day out, live in the markets. People close to me know I am a no nonsense person. I am not afraid to say what I think or how I feel about this industry. I teach forex traders the simplicity and power in price action trading. I model consistency in my repetitive style of trade planning that can be used by anyone. Without using lagging dead indicators, expensive charts, complicated patterns or spending thousands of dollars on courses taught by people who don’t ever trade, I can help you turn your forex trading around starting today. You can be highly successful as a NY session trader without a doubt and I will teach you how.