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Welcome to the Price Action Traders Institute!

We know what it’s like to struggle as a trader after spending thousands of dollars on trading courses only to be left out in the cold by the person who sold you the course or worse, they change their method.

We won’t ever do that to you.

Our promise is simple:

You can count on us to teach you the same consistently profitable price action strategies we have taught to over 2,000 traders just like you and trade with to this day.

Kim Krompass - Price Action Traders Institute

Hi, my name is Kim Krompass, and I am the founder of the Price Action Traders Institute (PATI).

Back in 2012, I was driven to help forex traders become more confident and to show them exactly how to pull profits out of Forex markets on a more consistent basis.

As an ex-CPA and business owner, I know firsthand how hard it can be to enter the financial markets without a plan and without a mentor.

That’s why over a decade ago I developed a simple forex trading method any level of trader can quickly learn.

Our trading strategies work for anyone who is willing to dig in and learn!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginning trader with no trading experience or an experienced trader, I will teach you my 20 Second Trade Planning process and trading method that has been refined and taught to over 2,000 students worldwide.

Skim over my 125,000 Tweets from @priceactionkim to see examples of my trades and my ongoing market commentary during the NY Session.

I invite you to take a look at our special forex trading package below. This package consists of the entire Command Your Trading Course ( Beginning Forex Traders through Advanced Traders and 2 months in our private membership).

Learn exactly what works for traders in today’s fast-moving markets and what it takes to move from consistently losing money to consistently being profitable.

Tweets from @priceactionkim, showing examples of my trades
Students Worldwide
Second trade planning process that will help you master your trades

I use Twitter to show other forex traders how I trade.

Skim over my 132,000 Tweets to see examples of my live trades.

I have over 20 years of trading experience.

This experience is what informs my trading method and my teaching style.

I founded the Price Action Traders Institute in 2012.

And our method has never changed.

I'm in the trenches with you.

I've made and lost millions over the years, only to come back stronger and with a deeper understanding of what it takes to be successful as a trader.

Want more information on our special forex course and membership deal?

Meet Kevin Hunt, our London Session Strategist

I began studying Forex Trading in 2013 and at that time I knew nothing about the currency markets.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that if I could master how to trade currencies, it would give me the freedom that I wanted, and the possibility to make a good income from it.

Over the next two years, I spent every spare minute that I had, reading books, looking at trading websites, attending trading seminars, and trading with my own money.

During those two years, I occasionally made a lot of money very quickly, only to lose it all again.

Kevin Hunt - Price Action Traders Institute

The turning point for me was in June 2015. I was listening to yet another trading podcast called ‘The Trading Lifestyle’. The guy who runs the podcast was interviewing a trader called Kim Krompass.

Her approach to trading was so simple and her integrity came through during the interview. She also explained that she published all her trades and her daily results. This is rare with many so-called ‘trading mentors’. Most will charge you a fortune to teach you their system but then fail to be open with their results. Many don’t even trade themselves. Many are just scams.

Once I started working with Kim, within a few months my trading had turned around.

I was now seeing my capital steadily grow and was managing to hold on to my gains. She showed that the trading strategy was only a small part of becoming profitable.

It is as simple as this. If you can follow a set of rules and instructions without allowing yourself to break the rules at any point, you will be successful.

I now have the freedom to travel as much as I like. My partner’s family lives in Northern Thailand and trading allows us to split our time between the UK and Thailand.

All I need is my laptop and an internet connection to enable me to work wherever I am. I usually work only four days each week and for a maximum of three to four hours a day. If the markets are moving fast I can be finished within one hour.

Every session that I trade I Tweet live as I am taking positions, taking profit, and each day I post my results. You can follow my trading activity by following me @uk2asia on Twitter.

I invite you to take a look at Kim’s special package below. I hope you’ll join us in the Forex Trading Course and become one of our PATI Members!