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" I gotta say Kim, I'm super grateful for these live trade planning sessions. It's essentially like being able to look over your shoulder while (in real time) let us see how you view the market.
- Paul R

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"After trading for 4 years (and having studied previous courses) I was unable to consistently make money as a trader. It wasn't until I joined PATI in October 2018 that I turned the corner and have now become a consistently profitable trader."

Anthony M.
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"I want you to know that I have made huge progress as a day trader and I appreciate your guidance and help getting me there. I look forward to becoming one of of your success stories this year! Thanks so much Kim."

Chris S.
PATI Member & CYT Course Owner

"You have a great way of teaching that really hit home with me. You have helped me finally understand so many of the basic things I had been struggling with from basic trading to trader psychology. Thank you so very much for everything, Kim!"

Deb F.
PATI Member & CYT Course Owner

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