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The Command Your Trading Course

Welcome to the Course Only Special for $297

✅ The course includes 16 modules: step-by-step video training, checklists, flowcharts, and downloadable PDFs
✅ We updated the Course in late 2022. It now includes bite-sized training videos (5-7 mins each) – nobody has time for long-winded videos anymore
✅ Beginning and experienced traders will be trained in one of the best & most successful forex methods taught online today
✅This special offer does not include access to the monthly PATI membership
✅If you want to purchase the Course plus get one month FREE in the Membership, then click here
✅You’ll not only have lifetime access to the course, but you’ll get our email support Monday-Thursday for any questions you might have
✅This is a one-time payment of only $297 (savings of $100) when you click below

Here’s a brief outline of what’s included in the Course :

  • Main track (this is for traders who have traded forex for at least 1 month or those who’ve completed the Beginners Course)
  • Beginners track (for traders who are just starting out and need the basic foundation to get set up properly)

Main Track: 

  • Module 1: Jumpstart Your Trading
  • Module 2: Wake Up Excited to Trade
  • Module 3: The Art of Risk Management
  • Module 4: The 20-Second Trade Plan
  • Module 5: Let’s Trade the Clear Directional Move (CDM)
  • Module 6: Let’s Trade the Range Breakout (RBO)
  • Module 7: Booking Your Profits
  • Module 8: 3 Important Candles
  • Module 9: Tracking Your Performance
  • Module 10: Bringing it All Together

Beginners Track : 

  • Module 1: Welcome to Forex
  • Module 2: Let’s Open a Trading Account
  • Module 3: Fun Stuff! Placing Trades
  • Module 4: Real Talk, Real Risk
  • Module 5: Cultivating a Traders Mindset
  • Module 6: Graduation – onto the Main Track

Remember, if you want a more hands-on experience, take a look at the Course bundle and get the 1st month of the Membership for FREE.

No special knowledge or skill to get started making money
❌No indicators, no chart patterns, and no fancy financial understanding is required
No more paying for specialized charts – use our FREE MT4 charts that 99% of forex traders use
❌No more confusion and overwhelm when you look at your charts

I look forward to working with you!