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Become a Profitable Forex Trader in 60 days or less

I know how to train forex traders to help them become successful.
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  • No robots, algos, crypto dreams, or anything else that has the slightest whiff of hype or scam
  • The PATI method will shock you with its simplicity
  • Quickly learn the best way to make money as a forex day trader
  • Learn the 20 Second trade planning method taught to over 2,600 traders

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What you get when you join us

  1. Live trade planning sessions 3 days a week (London & NY sessions)
  2. Replays available within 1 hour of the sessions
  3. Know exactly what to look for & when to trade it – clearly laid out for you
  4. Get all your trading questions answered – live monthly training, on-planning sessions, or email
  5. Join other PATI Members on Twitter immediately following the live trade planning sessions
  6. Take the guesswork out of where to book your profits – download our custom-built MT4 Template and you will have a profit roadmap on your charts
  7. Access to the video library of our best training webinars
  8. Become part of a community of positive and helpful PATI traders to help you integrate our method as quickly as possible

Here’s what a long-time Member tweeted to someone in the group:  “there is no better method than Kim’s and I have traded a lot of them. So trust me on this.”

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