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A course that has everything a beginning forex trader needs to get up and running and making money as quickly as possible.

"Imagine not having to duct tape bits and pieces of information from all around the internet in the hope you’ll learn how to make money trading forex"

Learn exactly how to make money in forex

Discover the best hours to trade and the best way to trade this market – not knowing this information causes more traders to lose more money than anything else — don’t be one of them!

Watch over my shoulder as we open a demo account together – you’ll be ready to practice trade within 24 hours of going through this training

I’ll show you the only MT4 tips, tricks, and shortcuts. You’ll leave this section feeling 100% confident navigating around your charts.

Join me on a video walkthrough as I walk you through all the steps to download and install the PATI (Price Action Traders Institute) MT4 template on your charts.

Learn what it takes to become a consistently profitable trader and how to do it as quickly as possible

…and much more in this Beginners Forex course!

Here is everything included in the Beginners course:

Command Your Trading course

Welcome to the Beginners Course – your forex training begins here!

In this section, we go over the course roadmap and what you can expect as you progress through the training.

Includes the Beginners Tips Guide download

Module 1: Welcome to Forex Trading!
  • What is Forex and How do We Make Money?
  • What are pips?
  • Understanding the Major and Minor Currency Pairs
  • Calculating your trade size and margin requirements
  • The Best Times to Trade and Red News events
  • The 3 Types of Trading and the #1 We Recommend
  • Resources
  • Includes The Forex Terminology Guide and the Beginners Course Reference Guide downloads
Module 2: Let's Open a Trading Account Together!
  • Demo v Real Accounts / What are Candlesticks?
  • Downloading and installing the MT4 Template – WINDOWS
  • Downloading and installing the MT4 Template – MAC Instructions
  • Please make sure to read and follow the instructions for a MAC Installation of the
    Our Broker Support Team
Module 3: Placing Trades Together - Introduction
  • Working on your MT4 charts together (part 1/5)
  • Working on your MT4 charts together (part 2/5)
  • Working on your MT4 charts together (part 3/5)
  • Working on your MT4 charts together (part 4/5)
  • Working on your MT4 charts together (part 5/5)
  • Summary of Limit and Stop Orders
Module 4: Real Talk, Real Risk: Setting Your Trading Expectations
  • Making and Losing Money – be prepared!
  • The 3 Types of Trading Risk Every Trader Needs to Know About
  • Calculating your trade (position) size
  • Resources
Module 5: The Formula for Better Trading Results
  • The Successful Trader’s Mindset
  • Why some traders outperform others
  • The 7 Principles of Consistency
  • Resources
Module 6: Congratulations! Next Steps

Resources and tips for the next phases of your forex trading journey. 

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